The $75K Program

The 75k Program is our advanced level program for traders who want to get involved with a larger trader funding account and have their sights set on climbing the trader funding ladder. 



We charge a monthly membership fee for the 75k funding program. The fee gives you access to the demo 6% target test and if you pass,  the $50k capital you will trade, the education,  and support we provide.

You will trade on one of our brokers MT4 platforms. 

You will attend our training webinar and get ready for the demo trial.

Demo Trial

We ask you to run up your demo account by 6% without drawing down 10%, whilst maintaining an institutional level of leverage which is set at 3 to 1. 

There are no time limits to this demo test. When the account is up by 6%,  we will provide you with your live $75k funding, and you will pay no membership fee for your first months live trading.

Live Trading

All our programs work in the same way.  When you run up your live account by  10% we will double your current funding level. Meaning, if you are at $75K we will add a further $75k to make $150K. Draw down 10% at any time and the account will be closed.

Alternatively, if you prefer ro receive a cash payout, rather than an funding account increase, just run up the account by 5% without drawing down 10% and we will pay you out 50% of the 5 % profit.

Step By Step to Trading Success

Follow the step by step process below to obtain your trader funding account

Select the $50k program

Select the $75k funding and pay the membership fee. We'll send send you your demo account details. Attend one of our introductory webinars to help get you orientated. Start trading.

6% in demo

Trade your account in demo and run up the account by 6%.At this point you will qualify for live funds. Attend our go-live trader funding webinar. We'll pay your next month's subscription for you when you pass demo and your live account will be credited.

Trade Your Live Funds

Trade your live funds and cash out at 5% or multiples of 5%. If you prefer account growth,  we'll double your funding if you increase your account by 10%. Then you can rinse and repeat.

Why the $75k program

Check out below the benefits of the $75k program

Our entry level program 
Great opportunity for traders looking to test the waters with Trader Funding
Hone your skills under live conditions and test out your strategies
6% Target in demo and no timescales
Generous 10% draw down limit
Pass the demo test and your first month in LIVE is FREE!!!
Trade FX Majors and Gold
Overnight trading OK
MT4 Trade Managers and Scripts OK
Qualified EA's - Expert Advisors OK
Start Trading Monday 6AM UK - Stop Trading 9PM Friday UK
Pause Your Trading if Required 
1 to 1 Guided Trading Analysis.
Trader Stats Analysis
Telegram Group

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