The $50K Program

The $50k Program is our standard level program for traders who want to trade a larger capital allocation.
This larger program offers traders the possibility to Cash Out on +5% and/or to double their account by increasing it by +10%. This allows traders to spring  board to bigger and greater funding amounts down the line.



We charge a monthly membership for this program. The fee gives you access to the live program, the webinar education, the trader analytics and support.

You will trade on one of our brokers MT4 platforms and may not use trade managers,scripts or EA's.

Want to know more ?

Attend our training webinars and get ready for the demo trial.

No Tests or Challenges

As ultimately we want traders to succeed we are ready to put into place the best building blocks and opportunities for that success.

This means no tiring challenges designed to knock you out of the game.

Trading is hard enough and staying with rigid rules and boundaries only makes it harder.

All we ask is stick to the -10% draw down rule and do not break your margin levels and then you will be fine.

Live Trading

 When you run up your live account by  +10% we will double your current funding level. Meaning, if you are at $50K we will add a further $50k to make $100K. Draw down -10% at any time and the account will be closed.

Alternatively, if you prefer ro receive a cash payout, increase the  account by 5% without drawing down -10% and we will pay you out 50% of the 5 % profit, which on $50k is $1250 for you the trader.

Repeat this as often as you can and everyone wins.

Step By Step to Trading Success

Follow the step by step process below to obtain your trader funding account

Select the $50k program

Select the $50k funding and pay the membership fee. We'll send send you your live account details by return. Attend one of our introductory webinars to help get you orientated. Start trading and look to build your account towards the 5% level..

Get Trading!

Trade your account and stay within the margin and stop out rules. 

Trade as often as you like and close your trades  out at the end of the week.

Trade the FX majors and XAU.

Trade Your Live Funds

Trade your live funds and cash out at 5% or multiples of 5%. If you prefer account growth,  we'll double your funding if you increase your account by 10%. 

Then you can rinse and repeat.

Why our $50k program

We know there are other companies out that and that you the trader will be looking for the best program to join.

Check out below the benefits of the $50k program and our very generous conditions in order to qualify for live funding.

Standard program for Trader Funding
Great opportunity for traders looking to advance their careers  with Trader Funding
Opportunity to hone trader skills under live conditions and test out your strategies
+5% Target in live with no timescales
Generous -10% draw down limit
Trade FX Majors and Gold
Start Daily Trading 6:30 AM UK - Stop Trading 9:30 PM UK(Except Friday)
Hold Overnight Positions so long as stops and targets are in place
Stop Trading for the week Friday 7:00 PM UK, all trades and open orders MUST be closed before this time
Trades may not be held over the weekend
MT4 Trade Managers, scripts, EA's and copy trading disallowed
Institutional leverage of 3 to 1
Pause your trading if required at subscription renewal time 
FREE Weekly $50K Funded Traders webinars

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