On this page you will find detailed some of the success stories of the  Funding Program.

As well as interviews and comments by our successful traders we will be posting stats and interesting topics to inspire and encourage traders to up their game or simply get involved with the program.

Please check back regularly to check for updates as we will be posting stats on how are traders are doing.

Holiday Money Cash Out ................!! 
Trader Cashes Out Whilst on Holiday

17th July 2021

 We just had a trader Cash Out whilst he was on holiday.

Some controlled trading going on with interesting stats.

Another great Cash Out !

Oh my ................!! 
Trader Cashes Out 5% after  just one Trade

7th April 2021

 We just had a trader Cash Out after just one trade.

This was  an amazing if somewhat risky trade, which came good.

So proves it can be done.

Interesting Topics

Trader Countries

In this section you find details of the number of countries our traders come from

Most Popular Program

Expect stats on the popularity of each program here.

Trader Successes

Expect stats here to show how many traders have qualified for live funding

Instruments Traded

Expect stats on instruments traded here

Highest Funding Program level

Expect to see details of the the highest program funded level attained by our traders

Trading Styles

Here we will detail our successful traders trading style and average trade time in the market and average win and average loss in pips

Total of Five Cash Outs Now Completed

16/01/2021. Delighted to be able to report back that we have had a total of five cash outs since inception of the program but are still waiting for the first 10% account double.

Hopefully it will not be too long in 2021 before we mark such an event. 

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