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Another Trader Cashes Out. 


Trader Cashes Out Whilst Trading on Holiday!

I hope everyone is well.

Here is a post about our latest trader who has "Cashed Out". The interesting thing is he managed to do this whilst on holiday with his family !

Normally I would not really recommend such an approach, as quality time with your family,  is very difficult to mix with trading and the concentration and application required to trade, but hey he made it !

Please take a look at the video below,  where we walk through some of his trades and take alook at his account  results in details.

TRading Rules - MAY 2021

Trading Rules to be agreed by all traders
prior to commencement of trading

Please take a look at the trading rules as explained in the video below.

The video should answer most questions, if not please contact us via the chat or via email.

CAsh Out - MARCH 2021

Another Trader Cashes Out. 

We had another trader Cash Out earlier in the month as momentum was good across the board, this brings our total to six traders.

Great going keep up the work guys !!


Here is a reminder that as a trader your job is to protect your capital at all times. ALL traders must use STOPS with all of their trades at ALL times.

Failure to use stops within the program will results in immediate banning without refund.

SCripts, EA's and Copy Trading - MARCH 2021

Copy Trading, EA's and Scripts do not form part of our program. Any trader found performing any of the above activities will be banned from the program without warning.

WebinAR REPLAY - January 2021

"We have recently introduced a live $25k program this webinar replay details the program and idea behind it."

Paul Langham

ExactTraderFunding. com

TRader SUCCESS STORIES- January 2021

Two additional traders Cash Out at the end of the year. 

Whilst there were some big risk events in play during November and December - notably the US election and Brexit - which did cause some girations in both the stock and FX markets, I am delighted to be able to inform traders that an additional two traders Cashed Out late in the month. This brings our total to 5 cash outs since the inception of the funding program.

Let's hope they next Cash Outs are not far off.

Trader Funding Program ready For Go-Live- December 2020

And they're off!! Exact Trader Funding program ready for launch

Delighted to announce we will be launching the funding program this week December 7- 11 2020. Look out for our webinar invites and check back here for further information.

Trader Funding Becomes an affordable reality for retail traders

Since the advent of the trading arcade, trader funding and proprietary trading has never been more approachable and affordable for the average FX trader. 

Post by Paul Langham 5th December 2020

Trader Funding

We are delighted to announce that weeks of negotiation  we are launching the Trader Funding Middle East program to our growing group of FX retail traders.

Profitable Trader

As a profitable trader the only thing you lack are th resources to scale up your trading income. With Exact Tarder Funding Middle East this is possible.


We are the only funding program which offers their traders a professional training program in order to help them reach their target.

Various Programs

Make your choice from our selection of programs, designed to suit all levels of traders.

Awesome Payouts

Our traders receive a 50% payout when they cash out on a 5% profit target. And their account is doubled if they reach a 10% target. Simple easy to understand logic.

December 2020

The program will start in December 2020, please look out for our emails announcing the go-live.


Our funding programs are designed by traders for traders, our investors are looking to back successful and serious traders, that's why our entry criteria is the most flexible in the industry. A criteria that allows for different styles of traders to succeed, whilst adhering to our roots from within the banking and the asset management industry, where risk control  is everything.

Post by Paul Langham: 3rd December 2020


USD 25k

"Our starter trader funding program starts with a funding capital of $25k"

(Twenty Five Thousand United States Dollars)

Best Seller

USD  50k

"Our standard trader funding program provides a funding capital of $50k"

(Fifty Thousand United States Dollars) 

What Makes Our Trader Funding So Great

Our funding is designed and based on the desire to get as many traders funded as possible. When a trader is funded and profitable everyone except Mr Market wins. The trader and our investors cash out.

The funding is so great because we create the conditions for success.

Here are the steps you need to take into order to get funded.

Post by Paul Langham 1st December 2020

Select Your Program

Select the level of funding you require and pay the membership fee. We'll send send you your training and account details. Attend one of our introductory webinars.


Trade your account and increase it by 5% using live funds for the $25k and starting in demo and moving to live for the $50k account.

Trade Your Funds

Cash Out on +5% for the $25k account or do the same and/or increase by +10% for account doubling for the $50k account.

Here is what our funding programs look like

Post by Paul Langham November 28th 2020


GBP 145

Live $25k funds 
Live Payout target 5% 
Draw down 10% and account closed
Pass demo first month LIVE for free!
Trade FX majors and GOLD
No overnight trading restrictions
No weekend trading 
Institutional leverage 3 to 1
EA's, MT4 Trade managers and scripts disallowed
Pause Your Trading if required
Introductory Training Webinar!

Great Opportunity for traders to experience a Trader Funding program using Live money from day 1


GBP 265

Live $50k funds 
Live Payout Target 5%
Account Doubling on +10% increase
Draw Down -10% and account closed
Trade FX Majors and GOLD
No overnight trading restrictions
Institutional leverage 3 to 1
No weekend trading 
Pause Your Trading if required
EA's, MT4 Trade Managers and Scripts disallowed
Weekly Live Trader Funding Webinars

Our standard package and most popular package offers greater capital allocation

TRader Funding A Reality

A complete solution which allows you to grow as a trader

Post by Paul Langham November 20th 2020

We are negotiating hard with our Middle East colleagues about the Trader Funding program and hope to have news shortly about the program and advantages if affords all FX traders. Stay tuned !

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