The $25K Program

The 25k Program is for traders who want to immediately start trading live money.  Once the account has been increased by +5% the trader will receive a 50% 'Cash Out' profit share of that 5%.



We charge a monthly membership fee for the $25k funding program. The fee gives you access to the live $25k funds, the  account you will trade, the education and support we provide.

You will trade on one of our brokers MT4 platforms. 

You will attend our training webinar and get ready for the demo trial.

Account Growth

We ask you to run up your account by +5% without drawing down -10%, whilst maintaining an institutional level of leverage which is set at 3 to 1. 

There are no time limits to achieving this +5%. 

Cash Out

The Cash Out works like this, incease the account by +5%. Alert us that you have hit your target, the broker will make the withdrawal and you will be paid out.

Step By Step to Trading Success

Follow the step by step process below to obtain your trader funding account

Select the $25k program

Select the $25k funding and pay the membership fee. We'll send you your account details. Attend one of our introductory webinars to help get you orientated, then start trading.


The $25k account offers only the Cash Out option, there is no account progression. Run up the account by 5% and then cash out.

Trade Your Live Funds

Trade the FX majors and Gold.  Use institutional leverage of 3 to 1 and respect the trading hours of the program, closing all trades prior the weekend. Cash out on +5% making sure you do not draw down -%10% before hand.

Why the $25k program

Check out below the benefits of the $25k program

Become a $25k FUNDED TRADER


Join the $25k Funded program




Trade $25K Funding Account

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